It was a pleasure to have Greg Norman Jr. Founder / CEO of Shark Wake Park talk to use about the ground breaking one of a kind new Shark Wake Park set to open at the North Myrtle Beach Sports Complex in June. North Myrtle Beach was chosen to be the location for the 1st of many Shark Wake Parks set to up across the USA in the upcoming years.

Shark Wake Parks are Committed to Building and Operating the World’s Best Wake Parks!

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“Imagine it. Prep for it. Attack it.

Imagination is the key. We dream up ideas which are inspired by our passions in life. We see potential and opportunities to develop and grow our passions so we can then share with the world.

SHARK Wake Parks is an alternative form of self expression. An alternative form of sport. One that will set you apart from the crowd.

Our goal is to grow watersports. The WAKE PARK is the only way we can accomplish this. Bringing wakeboarding and wakestaking to everyone at a fraction of the previous cost without burning valuable fossil fuels.

Find you inner SHARK and ATTACK LIFE”

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