Below is a thank you letter from Help 4 Kids regarding their Backpack for Buddies program that Our Club, Little River Rotary along with the NMB Rotary Interact Club were honored to participate in. Together we are able to help feed over 3000 local children every weekend.


Good morning,

The food drive went fantastic.  Your students were absolutely wonderful to work with. They were so enthusiastic to be there helping with our organizations project.

I said to Nick I can see why his last name is GOOD but actually it should be “GREAT”. He loaded the van for over two hours on his own in what was the hottest part of the day, never asking for a break or anything.  Amazing guy.

Robert let us know right from the beginning he was 0CD and that he is.  When he was manning the table inside there wasn’t a can out of place he did a beautiful job.

Megan came and took his place and she must have a touch of open OCD herself because she kept that table perfect. She was very pleasant with the customers just a delight.

Katie manned the door’s on her own and was able to keep up with both doors giving out slips to the customers with a smile on her face all the time.

Mike and Matar were together at the doors and they were very pleasant with the customers. Mike did some cool dance moves for them as well. Wonderful guys.

Noah and Bailey manned the other doors and did a great job. One of the customers said to Noah “I’m not going to buy anything because I buy for the hungry kids in Brunswick. This totally hit Noah hard. He thought so why can’t you feed our hungry kids in Horry County as well?  I was touched by his reaction.

I am sorry I didn’t get a picture of Rob. Maybe next time.

All the kids were wonderful, polite and considerate. I hope to have them back often.

Here are the kids that didn’t come.
Kyle Martin
David Custter

I’ve  included pictures.

Once again thank you for making our mission to feed over 3,000 children in Horry County every weekend possible.
Margaret Gregory.